Get Involved

There are many different ways that you can get involved either this blog, from suggesting ideas to asking for certain comics. I'll go through them now;

Old Comics You Want to See:
By following this link you will be able to ask for me to put certain strips from my collection which you want to see. More info on the above link.

I will be putting various polls on this blog asking for your input. The poll is on the left hand column on the home page on the blog, and the current one is asking what would you like the majority of this blog to cover. Get involved!

I am always open to suggestions on how you think this blog could improve. There are currently two ways you can suggest your improvements/ideas to me;
1) If you are OK with people being able to see what you have suggested, then simply post a comment below with your suggestion.
2) If you would rather your suggestion private, simply e-mail me at

Thank you.