Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Dandy and Nostalgia Recently...

Well, according to the "Next Week" page of this weeks Dandy, Freddy the Fearless Fly will be making a comeback next issue (He also played a key role in this week's Boo, drawn by Andy Fanton who tends to put cameo's in his work). This means, as long as Dan and Korky still appear, the next Dandy will contain 3, yes 3 characters who appeared in issue 1 published well over 70 years ago. A great thing for nostalgics, but what do you think?

Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Wizzo: Battle of the Artists Competition

Well, at the moment I'm working for a comic called "The Wizzo". It's a small project created by enthusiastic comic fans across the country. You can find more info here, here, here and here.

All at the wizzo have decided to hold a competition, which like the Beano's Comic Idol and the Dandy's Strictly Come Laughing, creates new comic strips and encourages readers to vote for a winner(s).

The Wizzo's competition is called Battle of the Artists, and has 5 new characters and asks people to vote for 2 winners.

You can vote for your faves either on the poll on my blog or the poll on wizzkid97's blog here.

Before you vote you can see previews of the characters here, here, and here. More coming soon, including mine which I'll post up on here.

Thanks, bye! :)

Friday, 18 March 2011

Welcome to My Brand-Spanking New Blog!

Well, erm, as my last blog has become largely desolate, probably due to the fact I haven't posted in months, I've decided to create this "Brand-Spanking New Blog."

My welcome message will be largely the same as the previous one, exept hopefully slightly better, as I assume I may have matured slightly in this quater-year of adolesence.

So, I shall hopefully be posting at least once a fortnight, hopefully more, giving you examples of my own work, my collection, and possibly a review here and there of a latest issue, we'll see...

So, enjoy! There's not much to see as of yet except a few "Under Construction" pages, and my great work on designing the blog. But pop back in a week and I'm sure there'll be lots to see!

Finally, just in case I run out of ideas for blog entries, could you please think of a few ideas and comment them to me!

Thanks! Bye!